If you are reading this blog, you must be searching for ranches for sale in Fredericksburg, and congratulations! You’ve landed on the right blog, as Fredericksburg Ranch Realty has several listed ranches for sale available. The best part is that Fredericksburg is popular for its fertility and beautiful natural landscapes. Having a ranch on this land would have worthy property. And today, we will take a closer look at the Fredericksburg ranch property market. You will learn all about ranch real estate in Fredericksburg, from size to price.

Fredericksburg Ranch Property Market

In Fredericksburg, there are various ranches for sale, as you can find different significant pricing options according to size. For instance, you can find ranches as large as 105 acres priced at around $5,950,000 or smaller ones for around 9 acres for about $499,950. There are also options, like a 44-acre ranch priced at $6,125,000 and a 63-acre ranch at $1,499,000.

Popular Acres of Ranches for Sale in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg land is ideal for ranches for sale in Fredericksburg Tx due to its fertility. So, you can find the various sizes and pricing options easily here. The town has some great options for residential ranching properties. This section provides a breakthrough estimate of branches so you can modify your needs and approaches accordingly.

1-5 Acres Ranches for Sale in Fredericksburg

The listings available for ranches in Fredericksburg, Texas, ranging from 1 to 5 acres, present various options in size and price. For instance, you can find properties like a 3.83-acre lot in the Vineyard Ridge subdivision priced at $250,000 or a 5-acre property in Dripping Springs listed for $575,000. Another listing includes a 1.511-acre property in the Highway Street Park subdivision, offered at $1,100,000. These listings represent a small sample of the diverse range of sizes and prices available for ranches within this acreage category in Fredericksburg.

6-10 Acres Ranches for Sale in Fredericksburg

In this land size, you can find options like a 9.80-acre property at the end of Sandy Lane, featuring a 2-bedroom home, pool, and party barn, listed at $1,700,000. Another listing is a 10-acre unrestricted property on W FM 1888, priced at $330,000, ideal for commercial or residential use. Additionally, an 8.47-acre unrestricted property 5 miles from downtown Fredericksburg is listed at $995,000.

11-25 Acres Ranches in Fredericksburg

The listings for ranches ranging from 11 to 25 acres present a variety of options. For instance, A 20.01-acre property offering a private haven with expansive views and majestic oaks is priced at $1,295,000. Another lucrative option is a 21.018-acre property ideal for a retirement retreat, featuring a modular home and workshop, listed at $675,000. And 25-acre parcel of the Gold Ranch, priced at $579,000, exploring the landscape of Texas commercial real estate.

26-50 Acres Ranches in Fredericksburg

Listing of 26 to 50 acres range offers a diverse array of properties. One example is a 30.370-acre tract on Zenner-Ahrens Rd, priced at $455,550. Another notable listing is a 27.104-acre property on E US Hwy 290, with an asking price of $4,900,000. These properties exemplify the variety in size and pricing for larger ranches in the Fredericksburg area.

51-100 Acres Ranches for Sale Available

Ranches in the 51 to 100-acre range offer more options and are considered valuable property. For example, a 73.24-acre ranch on Althaus-Davis Rd is priced at $2,200,000. Another is a 51.2-acre property on Go Ehmann Lane, listed at $2,040,000. These listings represent the diversity of sizes and prices available for larger ranches in this area.

101-250 Acres Ranches for Sale in Fredericksburg

A massive range of land with a diverse array of options in size and price. For instance, a 160.32-acre property on Zeder Strasse is listed at $2,880,000, part of a larger old German family ranch. One more option is a 116-acre estate on Grape Creek Rd, priced at $14,900,000, featuring two estate homes and a guest house.

Ranches for Sale with Fredericksburg Ranch Realty from 251 to 500 Acres of Lands

Unwrap the gift of joy with Fredericksburg, and explore more options in ranches for sale in Fredericksburg Tx Fredericksburg. For detailed information about 251 to 500-acre ranches for sale in Fredericksburg, Texas, including sizes, prices, and insights into the area and property values, please explore Fredericksburg Ranch Realty’s listings. We offer comprehensive listings and up-to-date information for those interested in large-acreage properties in the region.


Q: Can I find ranches with multiple homes on the same property in Fredericksburg?

A: Yes, there are ranches with multiple homes, such as a 116-acre estate featuring two estate homes and a guest house, priced at $14,900,000.

Q: How much does a ranch in Fredericksburg typically cost?

A: Ranch prices vary based on size and location, ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million dollars.

Q: Are there any small ranches available in Fredericksburg?

A: You can find ranches ranging from 1 to 5 acres in Fredericksburg, with prices starting at around $250,000.

Q: Are there commercial ranch properties in Fredericksburg?

A: Commercial or residential-use ranch properties are available, such as a 10-acre unrestricted property priced at $330,000.