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Large Acreage 500 Acres Land

Plunge into the Magnificence that Is 500 Acres of Land for Sale With Fredericksburg Ranch Realty

Get away from the shackles of urban life and enjoy the unrivaled independence that comes with owning 500 acres of land.

Enjoy the peace and majesty of 500 acres of land for sale, where you may be awed by the beauties of nature every day.

Endless Possibilities for a 500 Acre Land for Sale in Texas

Livestock and Ranching

  • Start raising cattle, horses, and other livestock, and watch your ranch grow.
  • Build large grazing areas with a well-planned layout.
  • Provide activities like cattle herding and horseback riding as a service.

Sustainable Farming

  • Create a farm that doesn’t drain the earth’s resources.
  • Plant crops like maize, wheat, and cotton.
  • Promote locally sourced food and organic agricultural methods.

Vineyards or Orchard

  • Plant some grapevines on the vacant ground.
  • Grapes will grow well in Texas, so plant the right kinds.
  • Make excellent wines for sale in your area.
  • Plant an orchard instead, full of all kinds of fruits and nuts.

Sports and Other Outdoor Recreation

  • Put the property to good use as a recreation area.
  • Provide opportunities to go hunting for various game animals and birds.
  • Offer access to ponds, either natural or stocked with fish.
  • Provide naturalists with designated camping areas and walking routes.

Campground or Hunting Lodge

  • Build a lodge for hunting or a campsite there.
  • Build quaint cottages or spacious campgrounds for guests.
  • Make conveniences like a shared kitchen, restrooms, and play area available.

New Sources of Power

  • Look for other forms of energy production for the area.
  • Put in solar panels to use the sun’s rays to power your home.
  • Put erect windmills to make use of the wind in this area.

Protected Natural Area; Animal Habitat

  • Create a protected area for plants and animals.
  • Keep the local species and plants safe from extinction.
  • Provide guests with informative events and tours.

Travel and Ecotourism

  • Encourage eco-travel and environmental protection programs.
  • Inform tourists about the native plant and animal life.
  • Participate in projects that help rehabilitate and release wild animals.

Partnerships or Leases for Land

  • Explore land-leasing and cooperation opportunities.
  • Work together with the farmers, ranchers, or local companies in your area.
  • Get the most out of your land and find new ways to make money.

Have Faith in Our Land Sales Professionals

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